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Education on Political Trial

Press Release

20 Sep 2006

  1. Uganda Peoples Congress is seriously concerned with the perennial crisis which has confronted our Public Universities. The current crisis which has engulfed Makerere University and Makerere University Business School is symptomatic and symbolic of the underlying Political interference and inadequate planning in managing our education sector. This threatens not only to undermine the foundation and future of this nation but act as a breeding ground for social, economic and political instability.
  2. The Uganda Peoples Congress made the issue of Education a big priority while in Government and in it's recent campaign manifesto. We did not only develop most of the educational infrastructures being used today but initiated comprehensive positive educational policies including establishing Public Universities and the much sung Universal Primary Education way back in 1960's.
  3. We in UPC have for long cherished the MUBS University and had in 1984 resolved to create Public Universities in Kyambogo and Nakawa. If the NRM government does not see the value and importance of a Public University in Nakawa, let it leave it to us. We know better and we shall not hesitate to have it.
  4. The conflict and controversy regarding the highly tense, adversarial and contentious relationship between Makerere University and Makerere University Business School, which first surfaced internally regarding the administrative structure and management of MUBS was further precipitated by President Museveni and his Ministers in interfering with the management of Makerere University Business School without following proper procedures and laws governing the establishment of Public Universities. The Prime Minister and Minister for Education are still using their political clout to fuel the conflict for motives which are not national.
  5. We are seriously concerned because the administrative structure and management is the vehicle that carries the educational system to its cherished destination and national development. The conflict has created a very hostile environment for the student community, which has affected the learning process defeating the entire objectives of education meant to ensure their personal growth, prepare them as useful citizens to play an appropriate role in constructively shaping the destiny of their country and earn a living. The quality of the products from these Universities is wanting owing to the ineffective administrative structures and curriculum.
  6. UPC is further shocked to learn that government is frustrating the creation of Makerere University Business School into as a fully fledged University. One of the reasons advanced by the government for it's unwillingness to create MUBS as a fully fledged University is that it will rob money meant for the establishment of Eastern Uganda Public University.

    This is regrettable to say the least. When Mbarara University was set up it did not consume money meant for Makerere or Kyambogo Universities. Why then does Government intend to divert money meant for Eastern University to a self sustaining vibrant institution like MUBS?
  7. Uganda Peoples Congress condemns, in the strongest term this sectarian policy of Government in establishing Public Universities and the apparent inequality in distribution of educational resources. We call upon the Political, Cultural and Religious leaders in Eastern Uganda to mobiles their people and resist this bad politics.
  8. The Uganda Peoples Congress calls upon the Government of the Republic of Uganda to:
  9. Stop taking political decisions that undermines the educational process in this country.
  10. Develop comprehensive educational policies that are geared towards job creation and self sustainability.
  11. Proceed to establish Eastern University as envisaged in the Government plan.
  12. Immediately establish MUBS as a fully fledged University

Finally a good and effective education system will need a sound theoretical base, a good set of objectives and a carefully designed curriculum with a well structured administrative set up.

For God and my Country

Mama Miria Kalule Obote

President, Uganda Peoples Congress