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General Kazini's Conviction Another Symbolic Fight Against Corruption

Press Release

(Embargoed for release at 11.00am, 2nd April 2008)

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  1. The Uganda Peoples Congress has on several occasions issued policy statements on the lack of genuine political will to fight corruption in the NRM administration –particularly on 23rd May 2007 on paragraph seven where UPC cited the failed prosecution of Gen. Kazini and others implicated in the ghost soldiers scam following the long awaited arrest and prosecution of Hon. Jim Muhwezi, Captain Mike Mukula, Dr. Alex Kamugisha and Miss Alice Kaboyo which we warned should not be symbolic.
  2. The conviction of Gen. Kazini for causing financial loss of 61 million shillings after four years of investigations and sentencing to three years in jail appears to be symbolic than tackling the roots of corruption in UPDF as:
  3. The money spent in carrying out investigations for the last four years could be more than the 61 million shillings
  4. The time lag of four years spent in prosecuting the ghost soldier's case has cost the state more than 61million shillings through payment of private law firms hired to handle the case which Gen. Kazini has been convicted on.
  5. The ghost soldier's phenomena in UPDF is an institutionalised system and not a Kazini factor. Other than convicting Kazini and Co. what is the UPDF and government doing to clean up ghosts in all sectors and institutions of the state.
  6. The procurement process in UPDF which has been at the centre of corruption activities such as junk helicopters and other military hardware's, junk food and undersize uniforms continues to be a serious problem in UPDF.
  7. The majority of paymasters who disappeared with the soldier's salaries have not been arrested, prosecuted and convicted. Many are still at large.
  8. The National Enterprise Corporation which has been doing business on behalf of UPDF has not accounted for the loss of many businesses such as NEC pharmaceuticals, NEC Mattresses, Restaurant and Bar which used to be where the present Blue Africa is and army shop. Can UPDF account for the above if the institution is serious in fighting corruption?
  9. The government's lack of political will to seriously prosecute Global Fund and GAVI Fund culprits plus individuals implicated in the scandal presents a sad scenario on the fight against corruption in Uganda. Ever since government hosted CHOGM and accomplished some of its international interests, the fight against corruption has not strongly featured in its agenda.

For God and my Country

Mama Miria Kalule Obote

President, Uganda Peoples Congress