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Party President Speech To UPC Youth Leaders At Northern Uganda Regional Workshop And Awareness Training In Gulu District

Press Release

27 May 2006

The National Party Leaders
Honourable Members of Parliament
Gulu District UPC Leaders
UPC Youth Leaders
Facilitators of the workshop
  1. I salute you all in the name of the mighty Congress. For the first time in 20 years, the president of Uganda People's Congress is speaking to a gathering of UPC Youth leaders. This is a unique event after a tireless and relentless campaign for a return to multiparty politics by UPC.
  2. I am extremely happy to officially welcome you, once again, to the party of ideas; yes a party with a historical track record of putting the youth at the centre of its' activities; a party with a plan for a better life for all; a party that gives hope because it puts people first, a Party that has been tested and proven to deliver. Our policies are not empty Slogans.
  3. As Youth leaders of UPC, in the new multiparty - dispensation your primary duty is to promote, defend and safeguard UPC values, basing on its ideology, philosophy, policies, the party constitution and the latest campaign manifesto. The change starts with you. You must have the determination to step out from the shadows of dictatorship and promote your party. This can only be possible when you are truly loyal and committed to your party. Loyalty to the party is the first test that you should accomplish because it will help you to manage the enormous task ahead and therefore realize your dreams of becoming the future leaders of this party and this country.
  4. I am aware of the fact that this region has experienced untold suffering and UPC realizes that a the best solution it can offer is the establishment of a peaceful harmonious society that is why UPC during and after the presidential, parliamentary and local government elections has consistently advocated for the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to reconcile and heal the wounds of this country. We are not interested in petty mudslinging and finger pointing.
  5. We are a party committed to peace and bringing conditions in which all our people can feel secure.
  6. We assert that: -
  7. Now is the time to end the carnage and reconcile the county
  8. Now is the time to stop the terror
  9. Now is the time for peace
  10. Now is the time for Unity, Nationalism, Patriotism and not sectarianism and nepotism
  11. Now is the time to build a better life for all.
  12. As you continue to position the UPC as a political home to all the youth of Uganda and take our people into a future that is free of dictatorship, inequality, corruption and injustices, I urge you to avoid acting individually, for individual approach is a dangerous relic of the movement fraudulent machinations that was meant to kill Political parties especially UPC. Ensure that you consult one another at Party branches and structures in your respective areas up to National level.
  13. Members of the UPC Youth fraternity, am sure that you know the problems our Party is facing after 20 years in Political limbo. I particularly wish to highlight the dire shortage of resource (human, material and financial). You are the new foundation and pillars to benefit from the much-needed resources. While the party is striving to attain the above, don't fall victim of the commercialized politics of today. Be principled and firm in your beliefs; never trade your conscience, freedoms and values for money.
  14. I recall during the 1960's while my late husband was still alive, Dr.Obote, the founder father of UPC and this nation, we used to host Youth leaders in our home, actually the youth had direct access to the President and we would educate, share experiences and mentor them. This fits very much within the theme of your workshop today "Youth in Multipartism". I am confident our facilitators have imparted UPC ideas in you. Go preach the gospel according to UPC Constitution and manifestos; the time to mobilize massively for the 2011 general elections is now.

We are One Country and One People. Let our children, grand children and future children inherit a peaceful and prosperous country. They deserve it.

For God and my Country

Miria Kalule Obote


Kampala, Saturday 25th February, 2006