Uganda Peoples Congress


UPC Constitutional Steering Committee Resolutions

Consultative Group Conference

We, leaders and delegates to the Uganda Peoples Congress Consultative Group Conference held today 23rd April, 2005 in Christ the King Centre in Kampala

Very satisfied that all the 56 districts of Uganda were represented in the Conference and that other party members including the UPC Parliamentary Group (UPC-PG), the youth and women groups were all well and effectively represented

Having received the PP's Keynote, Address; presentations on "The Energization of the Youth and Women" in the Party and on "The Role of the Constitutional Steering Commission and The Way Forward", accepted ad discussed them; and

Noting with grave concern the nineteen-year-old intense suffering, deprivation and dehumanization imposed on millions of the people in Northern Uganda by unending nineteen years senseless war waged between LRA and the NRM

Further noting with great disappointment the deliberate reluctance and lack of political will on the part of the NRM dictatorship to embrace peaceful mean to and this fratricide war,

Realizing that there is urgent need to recruit, incorporate and energise youth and women into the party mainstream,

Noting with appreciation the reasons for setting up the Constitutional Steering Commission (CSC) and its mandate

Observing that the NRM dictatorship routinely uses the police and other security agencies to harass intimidate and obstruct opposition politicians to frustrate their activities and programmes;

Realizing that there is very little time to the 2006 elections and that the party should be prepared well in advance for the same,

Now Therefore Resolve as Follows

  1. To extend a vote of thanks to the Party President Dr. Apollo Milton Obote for his extraordinary leadership of the Party in its campaign against the nineteen year-old one party-cum Military dictatorship in Uganda and all those who have worked relentlessly, and further resolve to pledge our total support to his leadership and to restore multiparty governance, human dignity and Human Rights and Freedoms in Uganda.
  2. To urge the Constitutional Steering Commission (CSC) of the Uganda Peoples Congress to speed up preparations for the early return, in honor, to mother Uganda, of the Party President and founding father of the Nation, Dr. Apollo Milton Obote.
  3. To urge the international community to intervene in the neglected nineteen-year war against the people of Northern Uganda and other parts of the country to act and save the people.
  4. To demand that the NRM government abandons its policy of militarism and violence an urgently agrees to resort to dialogue with all stakeholders to end this war.
  5. To recommend to the Annual Delegates Conference to:
  6. Integrate youth, women and persons with disabilities into the party organs.
  7. Review the party constitution to answer the current political realities.
  8. To condemn in the strongest terms possible the following vices and abuses that have characterized the management of public affairs in Uganda by the NRM Government for the last nineteen years, namely: -
  9. Rampant and endemic and state-inspired corruption including abuse of office in high offices of government and public institutions;
  10. Flagrant abuse of human rights and freedoms including political harassment and intimidation by government officials, functionaries, security agencies and the UPDF;
  11. Gross mismanagement of national economy and resources, which has resulted in waste an abject poverty, experienced throughout the country;
  12. Total neglect in the provision of social services to population such as health, education, passable roads and rail network, water, electricity and housing.
  13. Unashamed nepotism and sectarianism in appointments, discipline, promotion and retirement of public officers, award of public contracts, and payment of terminal benefits.
  14. To demand that the NRM government should respect the rule of law and allow free political activities of all other political parties in accordance with the constitution and all international conventions.
  15. To support the decision of the Party President to set up the Commission and support the Commission in execution of its mandate an urge it to speed up it's work and complete it as soon as practically possible.
  16. To go back to our respective areas and support DOC to;
  17. Identify and register all existing Party members branch by branch.
  18. Recruit new members to each branch.
  19. Establish new branches where none exists.