Uganda Peoples Congress

Congratulatory Messages

On Monday November 28, 2005, Mama Miria Kalule Obote was elected president of Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) and presidential candidate for the 2006 presidential campaigns. Since her election, the world has reacted positively and many have declared Mama Miria Obote, the next president of Uganda. Here is a sample of the congratulatory messages being sent to Mama Miria Obote through the UPC website:

Dear Miria,

Thank you for accepting the noble call of the majority of Ugandans to carry the banner and the Flag of our party as Party leader.

On behalf of my Family, and that of the UPC family here in Vancouver BC, I would like to congratulate you and members of the Central Executive committee for accepting to lead our Party. Ugandans have been handicapped long enough by not having our leadership on the ground, and our Party has been bad mouthed by the dictatorship, and we see in you Mama Miria and your team a vision which will turn the page from bad mouthing to proper addressing of issues facing our people. Thank you for hearing the cries of the People Milton left behind. As you rightly said, the divisions in our Party caused by money lovers and power hungry politicians have paved the ground for the Dictators to continue placing our party down the carpet. We have allowed them to take advantage of our inside fighting and court accusations, which were not called for from a party of ideas like ours. The spirit of Milton lives on, and Mama, use that spirit to steer our Party to victory. Uganda can not survive without UPC. Your election and that of your executive displayed a true National party embracing the whole of Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, which is waiting to "rise and shine again".

Long live UPC, Long Live Miria Obote. CONGRATULATIONS.

Let the music start, and the "Congress of the People shall live on."


Amos M. Kambere.

Vancouver, Canada.

UPC USA Washington DC Bureau takes great delight at the successful election of Mama Miria Kalule Obote as our next president, come 2006.

The election of Mama Miria is further testimony of the tremendous achievement made by UPC as a political party and an endorsement of the political advancement of the people of Uganda. This makes her the first woman leader of a major political party in our region. President Miria K. Obote (Mama) will not only be our touch bearer, but the pride of every ugandan of all persuations, in addition to being an enourmous challenge to the ugandan women who must realise that they are very much a part of this great ugandan land and UPC recognizes their role in its development and struggle for independence and freedom.

By this congratulatory message, therefore, we in UPC USA appreciate Mama's acceptance of our trust that we have in her, and our faith at her capacity as president, to charter yet more opportunities for our current and future generations to come. We also wish to appreciate the entire UPC NC members, and participants in the runner up to her eventual election to the highest position in our party, and the nation. It is our conviction that with all their blessings also, they will make it possible for us to achieve in this unprecedented political heights in Uganda. We reiterate our full support, and pledge our duty at her call for the benefit of UPC in particular, and Uganda in general. We believe that her election to the presidency is the admiration of every well intentioned Ugandan for the ultimate development of political equality and social excellence, to which we can then say that it was our finest hour, and for God and our country.

Thank you,

Magomu Wacha

Interim Chairman UPC Washington DC Bureau.


Thank you for listening and accepting our united voices to take over the UPC leadership. You are called to become the next Ugandan President. We love you mama! With you on the seat, UPC is set to win the next 2006 general election and restore peace, freedom and sanity to Uganda again. The country needs you, your strong experience and wisdom in politics to restore a clean image of Ugandan in the world map. I am proud of you. I charge you to rise up with courage and take the dictator and his " confused offsprings" down in the coming election.

When you are ready, we in the USA will be ready to welcome you for a "get to meet your people's tour". We would like to sit down and share "our American coffee" with you. It is important that you come as soon as your time and schedule allows. You need to come and help rebuild the "broken bridge" between the American government and UPC party.

Hope to see you in Washington D.C. soon

Once again, Congratulations!!!

Dr. Mike Ogwal.

Dear Mama Mira Obote,

On behalf of my family and I, we salute your overwhelming victory in the UPC Presidential elections. We send you profound best wishes in your leadership of Uganda's great party:

The Party that Ushered in Independence under the vibrant leadership of our Father Dr. A. M. Obote (RIP);

The Party of the People, for the People and by the People of Uganda;

The Party of Ideas;

The Party of Action and Delivery of Health Services, Education and Equitable economic Prosperity;

The Party that delivers Access to Financial Services for and to the People without discrimination;

The Party that gave Buganda and other Kingdoms Genuine Federal Status, as encompassed in the 1962 Constitution, in comparison to M7's pseudo Federo;

The Party for the Unity of all the People of Uganda without discrimination through religion, tribe or colour etc; etc.

We believe that you will bring unity into our Party and Uganda as a whole.

Best wishes.

Peter Otai

I would like to salute Uganda People's congress Party (UPC), and upon electing Mama Miria Kalule Obote, President of the Party. I equally congratulate her upon accepting the nomination and becoming The Party's President. The job ahead of us is easy. What we need is a dialogue with other political players in Uganda and otherwise to determine the future of Uganda without excitements to any rush election full of wounds, with main desires just to win. Uganda has always been a plural Democracy, but falls short of mature deliberations. Now is the time to put it right. To do this we have to review Uganda's constitutional framework, and inscribe policies or policies that are not just jargon to read. How can we do this? To start with, recall what the Movement Government led by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni made; that the beginning of the recovery of Uganda was to institute a similar sort of 'Truth and Reconciliation' and what he called Principled Reconciliation. The word 'Principled' (emphasised) Reconciliation was very crucial to note, for it means rather than mere emphasis of forgiveness which every body expects, there are matters which or may pose legal challenge if contested, and these needs to be addressed and taken into consideration. The next step is to rebuild Political Parties bases, any party of one choice, although the constitution may need some guidance. Otherwise we would embark to set the terms of Government in a legal framework bound by the Constitution, to my knowledge as for the rest, it is pure sailing and cruising your new car. Democracy comes at a price. The terms set and the rest complied to. That is the business of another day.

Thank you very much, and wish you luck.

Yours truly,

Caesar Lalobo


I think the selection of Miriam Obote bodes your party well.

However it is imperative that the likes of Ogwal are appeased and real reconciliation takes place in the Party. A united UPC will need Cecilia Ogwal as she is a great mobilizer and is popular in the constituencies of Lango and Acholi.

I think Miria being the first woman Presidential Candidate and having been first lady may inspire many young women to join your party from all across Uganda. After listening to her on Andrew Mwenda live i think she has some work to do to convince the Baganda but for me a 32 year old modern muganda i am slightly more appeased and leaning towards supporting her.

I can tell you i was listening to the show with at least 12 young men of voting age and many of these men were impressed. A west niler man said it is time for a woman President. A young Muhima registered to vote just back from England said she spoke more sense than Besigye.All were agreed she made a fantastic performance on Mwenda live. She won me that day. I never listened to Besigye's tirades against Museveni when he made his debutante appearance on the show a month earlier. I was at the same pub with the same people and there was a lack of enthusiasm to Besigye. Yet with Miria, even with those who oppose UPC or Obote there is at least a hearing given to her and many are conceding she is real Presidential timber material.

Just a small bit of material from an unscientific focus group. I can say her candidacy has at least two or three open backers from the twelve. It is obvious The UPC strategy should be to get as much airtime as possible on Radio and TV and for Miria to campaign as hard as possible on Radio. She may have to use radio advertising in a carefully selected way! . There is a company that can help her to this regard. I believe the 100 million the Party gets from government at least 40 million should be used in the last weeks of the campaign on radio and TV Ads. This will be effective than more traditional campaigning. Of course this does not negate the need to go out and meet voters.

I am also glad that your party has a website.

I should have sent you this message a long time ago, but my computer has been down for the last three days, I only had it repaired today late afternoon, Canada time. I have been anxiously waiting for such a long time having known for over a year and half ago when the courtship began to have you to run as the leader of our Dear Party. God be Blessed because He is a Covenant keeping God who answers all prayers and he has answered ours. Congratulations Madam President on behalf of all UPC Party members in Toronto Bureau, Canada. Toronto Bureau has championed the adherence to the Party constitution and manifesto and maintained it all through this years so that no kangaroo elections of Party Officials should be done without due considerations and stipulations and directive of the Constitution and observance of Party election procedures and practice. We have held firm in faith of our dear party democratic traditions.

Dear Mama Miria Obote, you are a shining example of our Party Democratic Traditions and practise, we knew it was there, but others just did not want to remove the plug in their eyes to see. Those who forgot and where willing to compromise this tradition of democracy, shame on them now. For a few shillings, they sold their belief, vision and faith in the party like judas; they deserve to be cast in inferno where they wanted to take the Party. God has been with us, He is with us, and He will be with us and take our battle and fight for us. Those who have armies will not fight against us, but will face the Lord's army. May the Lord Jesus be praised!.

Congratulation once again to you and all the elected Party officials who have been democratically elected to the highest offices of our Dear Party. Let the battle begin, we are ready!. Now the Party's songs will reverberate again!.

Aloysius Okwong-Okumu,

Secretary and Acting Chairman UPC Toronto Bureau.


I have been hearing some people saying that for Maama Miria to get votes she has to first apologise for the sins her husband committed. Goodness me, did the two individuals plan together to commit whatever sins the husband is alleged to have committed? It does not help us to continue furthering mistakes of the past because then we do not appreciate how far Uganda has moved since then. Let Obote pay for his own sins and when Miria's time comes, she will also have her blame should there be. Meantime, Ugandans must appreciate that it's now time to have a Woman President since it has become fashionable in contemporary world. Look at Germany, the Philippines, and Liberia where women have taken centre stage. Forget about the failures of Wandira Kazibwe because she was bogged down by her male colleagues who pushed her to the wall and made her stumble to near political demise. I believe Mama Miria comes to Uganda's political scene as a Political saviour and we must all rally behind her.

My advice to Ugandans is that let's vote Miria irrespective of tribe, language and religion. Uganda is for us all and surely we are beyond the trivialities of tribe or political differences. I am not advocating for Miria because of her being a woman and not because we must have a Muganda President, but by virtue of the managerial skills women have exhibited over time. Women are dedicated individuals, very faithful and caring. Coupled with their motherly spirit, women are the best substitutes for an unfair male-dominated leadership structure that has eaten up this country for a long time.

Vote Miria, Vote Uganda.

By: Tumusiime Kabwende Deo

On behalf of members and supporters of Uganda Peoples Congress in Germany, on behalf of the team at Radio Rhino International Africa (RRIA), and on my own behalf, Congratulations on your electoral victory and ascension to the presidency of Uganda Peoples Congress. Thank you for accepting our request, belief, confidence, trust and hope in you. As it always was with your predecessor, our papa AMO, We pledge give you maximum support and cooperation throughout your presidency. We do totally support your candidature for the presidency of Uganda in 2006-Uganda's first multiparty General Elections in 25 years. Congratulations to the comrades appointed to your Executive Team. We wish you good good luck, wisdom, courage, health, prosperity and victory in the 2006 general elections.

Through you - Madam President; May our sincere resolute vote of thanks be extended to the former National Chairman of the party Haji Badru Wegulo and the members of the CSC who jointly led the party through one of the most turbulent times in the history of the great Congress Party UPC. Based on reports of ill utterances made by legislators Cecilia Atim Ogwal and Amongi against you, your executive team and exile members of the party during the delegates conference and at the party HQ, I implore you to take it as an isolated view held and expounded by the holders -Cecilia Atim Ogwal and Amongi who do not represent the eternal relations between the people of Lango, papa AMO and his family. United with my fellow Langi who sang "Tong Oneko Olwa, Tong Ingete" at the delegates conference, as daughters and sons of Lango, and members of the party in Lango, I vow to do everything neccessary within our human powers to see that no one abuses you - our Mama, nor your sons and offsprings - our blood brothers and their respective families - left in our care by papa AMO. No. Not under our watch.

Under our watch, no one will have peace for disturbing Papa AMO's peace, dragging his reputation and family into mud. Never. Not as long as we live. You are therefore always welcome to Lango and do feel at home.

As a people aboard a sailing ship that had lost its captain in the middle of a high stormy waters of the sea, We do not fear anymore but are confident that you, Mama Miria Obote as the new Captain under oath, will keep the sailing UPC ship to its destination of - leading Uganda into a free equally developed united Republican Nation, Where Ugandan citizens and those living in Uganda will not be discriminated against, nor given special treatment on the basis of region of origin, ethnicity, tribe, clan, family, politics, belief, nor any social class as the case is for 20 years under dictator Museveni.

We trust that under your stewardship, the great Congress Party UPC shall continue in the pursuit of one of its cardinal ideals, to defend always Uganda as an independent and sovereign Republican Nation of free and equal citizens. We also are convinced that under your stewardship, UPC will lead Uganda in an effective victorious battle against illiteracy, poverty and diseases - which are the bedrocks of Uganda's multiple upheavals.

Above all, your electoral victory signals hope to Ugandans who have known nothing else but discrimination, wars, insecurity, the absence of peace, corruption, dead infrastructures and lack of essential services for 20 years under dictator Museveni. Your clean democratic electoral victory against an orchestrated odds during the just concluded delegates conference has sent out a chilling message to the enemies of the great Congress Party, that after 20 years of the heavily funded dictatorial experimental scheme to destroy the Uganda Peoples Congress, and,

After the lost of our great and wise leader papa AMO, After all the confusion caused by paid moles within the Uganda Peoples Congress,

The mass of support re-awakened by the NOC and CSC countrywide party re-organisation and elections culminating in the just concluded delegates conference and your open, free, fair and democratic victory do demonstrate that, the Uganda Peoples Congress is not only a live and democratic, but above all, that

The Uganda Peoples Congress has a democratically elected leader in your person Madam President Mama Miria Obote who won against five aspiring presidential candidates.

Your electoral victory and presidency of such an old organised structured political party UPC, has sent a very powerful message of an eminent and inevitable descending political wind of change on course to bring down one of Africa's worst contemporary dictatorship in Uganda. With massive support and votes from members and supporters of UPC, and under your leadership, UPC will pull down the extorting, corrupt, oppressive and killer Mafia Kampala NRM regime under the self confessed killer dictator Museveni.

Aware and scared of potenials of your presidential candidature and capability of UPC, the dictatorship is doing every crooked and corrupt possible thing within its powers including paying handsomely for the destruction of UPC to twart your chance of becoming Uganda's first female president. As you may have noticed a recent Monitor editorial this week had called on UPC not to hold a secret, but an open delegates conference and to conduct a free and fair democratic elections. Unfortunately, after your clean, clear and very public victory at Christ the King Church, the same editor of the Monitor Newspaper seated in Kampala is not only vague, luke warm, and mum on the process and results of UPC Delegates Conference, but have instead embarked on a new process of witch-hunting UPC, conjoling, formenting and stalking problems by seeking Rwanyarare's `rejection´of the party's political process and results as "null and void."

When I had the honour to host the Monitor Political Editor and kampala Kfm Talk Show Host Andrew Mwenda in Cologne, I told him the Monitor is no longer an independent newspaper but an FDC propaganda mouthpiece. Andrew retorted that FDC is like a newly married wife who displaces the old! Meanwhile, as expected, the Uganda dictatorship's newspaper while reporting on the UPC just concluded delegates conference, in an article published on Nov 29th, the NewVision chose as its headline the following words: "Miria sacks UPC leaders"

No, Madam president Mama Miria Obote, I am laughing because you did not sack UPC leaders, but appointed hard core generals to the UPC Executive Team in preparation for the final onslaught in the 25 years of the struggle against the unpopular National Resistance Movement Ideology in Uganda and countries neighbouring Uganda in the great lakes regions. Further more, your electoral victory and your Executive Team very much threatens the business interests of the New Vision Publication House whose printing and publication tools, we know were ordered from (East) Germany by UPC II government before the 1985 military coup.

I have also cross-checked the website of the BBC. Guess what, 24 hours after your electoral victory, neither the just concluded delegates conference, nor your victory as new president of UPC is covered. So the Battle is still on. The BBC is instead reporting about Uganda's first lady Janet Museveni getting into politics! Janet Museveni has been in Uganda for 20 years. Had it not been your presidency and the massive support from members of UPC to your presidency; Janet Museveni would not have been shoved onto politics. Janet Museveni therefore owes you and the Uganda Peoples Congress a big thank you for liberating her.

Long Live Madam President Mama Miria Obote, Long Live Uganda's first Female Leader of a political party, Long live Uganda's first Presidential Candidate. Like Papa AMO whose spirit lives, you have made history in Uganda, Africa and the world.

With you and under your leadership, the great Congress Party UPC shall make Uganda proud as you become the first Female President of the Republic of Uganda.

With our will and dedicated support, Ride on to Victory, Madam President Mama Miria Obote, VIVA UPC.

For God and Our Country -Uganda.

Godfrey Ayoo, ELUM-ANIAP

Representative of UGANDA PEOPLES CONGRESS Bureaux
covering Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark & Italy
Cologne, Germany
Tuesday, November 29, 2005.

On behalf of Members of Uganda Peoples Congress resident here in this United States of America and in particularly UPC Washington DC Bureau Members, we wish to extend our message of congratulations and best wishes to you, and through you, to the newly elected (appointed) UPC Party executives.

We wish to remind you, Madam President, that the task at hand, to bring change to the people of Uganda after 20 years of NRM oppressive Military dictatorship is rather challenging

Accordingly, we do realize it will require hard work, stamina and above all, determination for you and your team, to restore the God Given Fundamental Human Rights of the people of Uganda which has been robbed from them in the past twenty years by the NRM Military Dictatorship.

In the struggle against NRM Military Dictatorship, you can rest assured, madam President, that you have the uncompromising and total support of UPC Washington DC Bureau members and other UPC members in this United States of America. Once again, Madam President, congratulations to you and your team.

Richard Jack Topacho

Chairman Uganda Peoples Congress Washington DC Bureau
November 29,2005.

Good News.

CONGRATULATIONS MAMA MIRIA OBOTE The UPC President and the Executive Members who were elected.

We wish you the best of luck and we ask the Good Lord to keep and Bless all of UPC on our long journey.






Martha C. Lutale



I take this Opportunity to highly Congratulate the Party President -Elect Mama Miria Obote and All the Executive Members who were elected today, and to wish them the best of endeavours for the people of Uganda. The electorate of UPC have seen farther than each of us individually and I thank them for their Wisdom, for what is stronger than a people's collective voice? May this mark a turning point in the History of Uganda People's Congress and for all Uganda. For those who were not selected, there is still too much to do for everyone. let's join hands and give the Party the needed fresh impetus. LONG LIVE UPC.

Patrick Abal

New York.

Congratulations to Mama Miria Kalule Obote for her successful election to the highest office of UPC. The results speak louder than words. It is absolutely clear given the circumstances that the mandate is overwhelming and I expect the losers to unwaveringly rally behind Mama Miria so as to mount a formidable challenge to NRMO.

UPC is a big tent that has a capacity to accommodate everybody who cherishes the values and principles of the Congress. We all have roles to play. The challenge now is creating a functional structure for the campaign that reaches out to all corners of Uganda and delivers a clear and coherent message.

I call upon all members of the Congress to set aside their personal aspirations and expectations, look beyond the narrow confines of individual ambitions and focus on the task ahead - that of collectively emancipating Ugandans from NRM bondage. This can be achieved but we must all be singing from the same hymn book.

Long live UPC

J W. Opolot

This is the greatest Christmas gift congress women and men have received in 2005. Congratulations to Mama Miria for her successful election to the highest office of the party. Congratulations to all the party delegates who confirmed the wishes and the aspirations of all congress women and men from all the districts they represented.

To you Mama Miria K. Obote, President of UPC "You are the Light and Salt" to the people of you Uganda. We give you all our support and we know UPC under your leadership can deliver to the people of Uganda what they desperately need now political equality and social justice to all.

Long Live Mama
Long Live UPC

Francis Ogwaro

Wellington, New Zealand.

Congratulations on Your Election to the Office of President of the UPC

On behalf of all members of the UPC External Bureau, Victoria, British Columbia (Canada), I congratulate you for accepting our request for you to stand as – and for winning – the Office of Party President of our Party. We would have been greatly disappointed if you did not stand.

In our Resolution of November 26, 2005, we recognized that “Uganda was ready for a Lady President who has stature, is articulate, reasons well on issues of national interest, is focused on nation building and national reconciliation, and would enjoy support throughout the country” You are the one!

I also congratulate you for appointing the remaining members of the winning team of office bearers of our Party, and I thank all those Party Officials for participating in the democratic process and accepting to serve the Party.

Finally, I urge you to move quickly to galvanize the Party and to prepare for the Party for 2006 general elections, which may be called as soon as February 13. Time is of the essence. On our part, the Victoria Bureau is dedicated to the Party and will provide full support and political advise as required.

Please accept our best wishes and good luck to you, your family and all the people of Uganda. May God bless you with success, and may you bring, peace, prosperity, and good health to our beloved nation.

Long live UPC, Long live a free Uganda!

Dr. A.Y. Omule

UPC External Bureau. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
1564 Granada Crescent
Victoria, BC V8N 2B8 Canada

December 1, 005

Madam President,

On behalf of the UPC Branch in Sweden, we have the great pleasure in conveying our sincere Congratulations and thanks for your election to the high and Executive office and position of the President of the Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) in the just concluded party Delegates Conference, held on November 28, 2005. We wish to reassure you of total support from members of the Party Branch in Sweden and entire Scandinavian Countries.

The Branch member wish to thank all the delegates who participated in the delegates conference for their wise decisions and smooth deliberation of the conference, mindful of the hard and unpredictable conditions under which the Party had been subjected during the past 20 years.

Members of the Party in Sweden and Scandinavia would also like to recognise and honour the services of all senior guards who were flag bearers and who remained steadfast in upholding, promoting and maintaining the Party both at home and in the Diaspora during the past twenty difficult years. Branch member, however, caution on the blind tendency of overstaying the course, at the expense of grooming and training younger generation that will be needed to carry forward the aims and objectives of the Congress for the benefit of the common man.

Members of UPC in Sweden and Scancinavia have heard of the party's pending Primary elections due to take place on or about 20th December, 2005, and wish the Uganada Peoples Congress a smooth transition throughout the country. Congressmen and women will remember that UPC was the architect of Primary elections political system in Uganda, to proceed any general elections to Parliament, with the noble intention of providing equal opportunity to vying candidates within the Party ranks to face up with fellow members before the Party voters, in seeking support for the sponsorship by the Party!

This was to eliminate any complaints of "Lockouts" by party officials! It is hoped that at this crucial stage, the party will provide level grounds for all vying members without fear or favour, so that the winners will be embraced for the inter-party contests while losers will have to accept the verdict of fellow voters and be prepared to work together for the national victory!

Members of the Party in Sweden and Scandinavia were greatly impressed if not inspired by the wisdom contained in the "Acceptance Speech" of Mama Miria Obote, at the occasion of her election to Party Presidency; especially when she called for reconciliation among party members; and appealing to former party members to return to the fold, even if they might have crossed to other parties.

It is hoped that both the present and former members will work quickly to reconcile and bring harmony in the Party ranks; so that UPC may quickly put behind any past wrangling; and proceed to promote the ideals of the Congress, that of being a "Party of Ideas and Vision!"

Madam President, having said the above, we wish to request and propose that your good Offices should arrange what we must term as “ A journey of hope for the people of Acoli,” . Your visit now to Acoliland would truly give hope to life for the million Acoli people who have been incarcerated continuously for the last 20 years in the NRA/M regime’s squalid concentration camps. You should undertake to dismantle the IDP camps as soon as you have been elected President of Uganda on the 29 March 2006.

Party Members everywhere may remember or be reminded of that the Person so entrusted with the leadership of our mother party will long be remembered of her wise and most humble position as The best First Lady of Uganda during the tenures of her late husband and President Dr. Obote A. Milton (RIP). It confirmed the wise saying that – "behind every Great man there is always a bright and great woman!"

Lastly, we wish your good Offices speedy action in galvanising our beloved party as crucial step in preparation for the 2006 general elections. The members of the Branch in Sweden are dedicated to the party and will provide full support behind every endeavours you will be making in the name of the Congress.

Please accept our best wishes; wishing you, your family members and all the people of Uganda every good luck in the busy months ahead. May the Good Lord bless you with success, to bring peace, prosperity, and good health to our beloved country, especially towards the cause of the suffering people in the northern Uganda who are living in squalid IDPs concentration Camps; and who are mainly Acholi and Lango peoples!

WE know it, the peace loving people of Uganda will elect you because they are tired of wars, and crying in poverty.

Long live UPC, Long live a free Uganda!