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UPC wins Oyam South

Press Release

04 June 2007

(Embargoed for release at 11.00 am, 27TH JUNE, 2007 )


  1. The Uganda Peoples Congress would like to congratulate the newly elected Member of Parliament for Oyam South Constituency Mr. Ishaa Otto Amiza for a strategic well deserved victory for UPC after defeating the Independent candidates Adea Nelson, Ataala Ruth Adupa and NRM Ogwang Adaa. The Headquarters of UPC is very proud of the youthful legislator and will cordially work with him to continuously mobilize, recruit and retain members of the party from Oyam and the entire country.
  2. The election of Mr.Ishaa Otto Amiza has not only changed the political roadmap of Lango Sub-region in terms of UPC reclaiming its traditional political territory but his victory came hardly three months after the successful election of Mr. Nicolas Opio Bunga as the LCV Chairman of Apac District on UPC ticket. The political pattern of the elections proves that UPC is progressively working its way towards victory in the general elections of 2011.
  3. The defeats of the Independent candidate who was heavily backed by Hon. Cecilia Ogwal and her networks including the leader of opposition in Parliament Hon. Prof Ogenga Latigo and the NRM candidate seriously backed by the NRM heavy weights and resourced by the NRM Secretariat is a warning bell to all the political players in Uganda. The UPC victory is like unstoppable torrent that will not only sweep all the independents and NRM's in Lango Sub region but will move on to sweep all the remaining by elections in Bugiri District-Bukooli South Constituency, Busia District-Samia Bugwe South Constituency, Masaka District-Kalungi East Constituency, Iganga District-Bugweri Constituency.
  4. UPC expresses its disappointment at the behavior of some leaders of opposition political parties who decided to campaign for an independent candidate during the Oyam by elections. Independents much as are constitutionally and legally recognized but they either belong to Opposition or the Government. Any leader of opposition political party who supports independents is a supporter of the discredited individual merit form of elections and governance and an opponent to the growth of multiparty democracy in Uganda.
  5. When the party was engaged in the most prolonged struggle for its very existence during the NRM dictatorship, the bulk of the youth who had not been formally recruited into the party missed a historic opportunity to shoulder the burden of leading the Third Liberation of Uganda. The youth therefore could not play leading roles in the struggle for the return to multiparty democracy.
  6. With the return of the multiparty democracy and not withstanding all shortcomings and constraints that still exist in our polity, destiny has now landed the most fertile opportunity to the youth of leading in the rebuilding of UPC and of our beloved Country, Uganda . That is why the National Executive under my leadership has decided that, henceforth 60% of all the leadership positions available in the UPC structures should be occupied by the youth.
  7. UPC calls upon the youth of the party to emulate the devotion and loyalty of Mr. Ishaa Otto to the party. The youth should set an example of hard work, team work and zeal in the performance of the party duties and actively contest for elective offices as they prepare themselves to lead the party and the country.
  8. Finally the Uganda Peoples Congress salutes the people of Oyam for electing Mr. Ishaa Otto and sending very clear message to the people of Uganda and in particular congress members that, they at the grass root are firm with the party and intent on building institutions which will deepen democracy. We in UPC recognize that the votes cast for Adea are essentially UPC votes and therefore we will continue to advocate for reconciliation of all the UPC members.

For God and my Country

Miria Kalule Obote